2004-01-13 – Update to “The Crossbow” – Chapter 20 online

I had a bit of a row with a chap in the states, who was very abrupt, and decided to report me to the publishers for breaching copyright law on the book \”The Crossbow\”. After a few emails back and forth, I sent him this (with the links list first), as my final word on the matter:
Also, see my site, which has several articles on Copyright, such as https://www.rubbertreeplant.co.uk/copyright.php. For your information, I know copyright law very well, along with Patent law, etc. and my brother is a distinguished lawyer. This is why I took such umbrage at your rather abrupt first post. I rather foolishly assumed you would have read around the site a little before accussing me of crimes.
You are wrong, since Sir Ralph passed away some time before or during 1918. (I cannot find the exact date at the moment, but I know it was before the outbreak of WWI – I am sure the publishers will know!) With the 50 years of copyright protection enjoyed at that time, “his” copyright expired before 1968. The extension acts pushed through by your government at the behest of the money-men at Disney, amongst others, extended this to 70 years. However, as you can probably see, this makes no difference. It is 2004, and so the copyright has definately expired.
Sir Ralph Payne Gallway was a prolific author. For example, he co-wrote, with Lord Walshingham, \”Shooting: 2 Vols: Field & Covert + Moor & Marsh\”. (Little, 1886. 357 + 348p. Illus. Chapter on history of gun making. Fine Copy $70) published in 1886. He had many friends, and in \”British Duck Decoys of To-Day\”, Joseph Whitaker, F.Z.S., of Rainworth, Notts. says in its preface: “The late Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, who, I am sorry to say, has died since I started to write these notes,” is dated September, 1918.
This probably explains why the publishers have not contacted me yet!
I do hope you like the new look of the site – you encouraged me to fix the background images, and generally tidy up, as well as putting up Chapter XX. To which I, of course, hold a copyright for the next 25 years.
Yours, Nigel Tolley

This did provide me with the impetous to actually update it a bit, and upload the broken images, etc. and Chapter XX – The Construction Of The Crossbow (Continued) The revolving nut and its socket.

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