2004-01-07 – Updating on the move? Trio-tastic!

Happy New Year. I must apologise for the lack of updates.

I am writing this on board a train from London, for a nominal cost. I spent the day at a web design firm called OPX. They were very nice. I have to say that, as the director bought me lunch. Having said that, the director of Office Devils often buys me dinner… 🙂

The point of this Blog-like drivel? The technology side of this. I write this on my phone, while travelling at about 70 miles an hour. I can check my email, and see that some snotty man/woman has flamed me for not crediting Sir Ralph for his seminal work ‘The Crossbow’ (I guess they are both blind and stupid. The ugly nature is apparent from the lack of manners in the email, and thier stupidity and/or myopia lies in them not reading the clearly explained rea-

Well, it didn’t work quite perfectly, as this is being typed on my laptop. The above did get through, but for some reason it was truncated… The post continued, saying a bit about how this site clearly states the original author’s name, and the fact that, since the work was published in 1908 to 1911, it is out of copyright (even in America) since even with the extension, it has been more than 70 years since it was published. Therefore my explanation should be more than enough.

Anyway, the post from the Trio 600, from a north-bound train, was semi-succesful… perhaps one day, cell-phones will work in train tunnels? Hopefully I will soon work out how to get < and > on the treo as well!

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