2003-12-04 – Man forced to rob bank by explosive collar?

This is quite incredible. A Bomb collar used to rob a bank. The link takes you to a list of pages from the local newspaper, which tells you the incredible true story about a guy who walks into a bank, and asks for money, because if they don’t give it to him, he will be blown up. The police arrest him a few minutes later, and he gets blown up, whilst sitting handcuffed in the street.

Truely the stuff of nightmares. Online debate seems to mostly center on whether he really was forced to do it, or whether he had a “cunning plan” up there with the best of Baldric, and on whether he should have let this happen to him, rather than allow himself to be used like one of William Gibson’s “Meat puppets”.

Just remember what the police and politicians parrot: “Just do what the robber says, give him what he wants. It will be ok.”

Well, I guess this might be a bit like the Sept. 11th of robbery. If you don’t fight back, or die trying, you wind up doing worse things, and getting yourself and others killed.

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