2003-11-20 – Micro$oft Security?

(Posted 4-12-03 due to date cock-up) It would seem that the FUD that Microsoft’s head chappie Mr Balmer was spreading the other day was just that. He suggested that anyone wanting to test Windows security should look at some list, banging on about how in the first 15 months Windows had just 4 security holes, while Redhat 8 had about 100. Aside from the fact that this shows that holes are picked up a lot faster in Open Source, it is worth noting that the Windows holes allowed things like remote administrator access!

Closer to home, I have the ‘flu, so I am off work (though I need to go in for a meeting in a bit!) Having battled with Blaster, I got a wonderful message from M$ saying that there were some \”updates\” available. Yes, about 15 critical security patches! My ADSL connection has been loaded for the past 30 minutes downloading them!

What hope on a dial-up?

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