2003-10-08 – My new job

The lack of updates for a few weeks is down to my landing a fab new job at the SEIC. SEIC stands for “Systems Engineering Innovation Center”, and is the only one in Europe, and second in the world. My not-so-simple job is to set up and implement the Knowledge Management architecture which will help some three hundred people do their jobs on a daily basis, as well as helping with the intra- and internet sites.

So far, it has been very interesting. The working environment is very different, and certainly more interesting. The new building is massive, and so we are trying to work out what should go into it. We want some real \”WOW!\” factor, whilst still getting across the idea that we are doing serious, useful research, and without showing too much that is militaristic. We want to get across the whole concept of systems engineering. Which is one big challenge!

A big plus is that I now have a computer that lets me do anything I want, so it is currently being moved to open source. I will be writing more on this in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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