2003-07-17 – UN gun ban fictions

The stupidity of the UN!

It seems that the USA is the most heavily armed nation in the world, small-arms wise, with about 1 gun per person on average. Now the UN conference on ILLICIT small-arms has been hi-jacked by the gun ban rabble (IANSA)!

According to the UN, having a lot of small arms in your country is a sure way to have millions of dead strewn about the place, no infrastructure and no investment.


So on the one hand, Europe has lots of guns, and should cut back, and the USA has loads, yet really well-developed, stable places like Afghanistan are far better, because they have low private gun ownership?
If you believe that, … well, you obviously don’t, because you are smart enough to read.

Gun ownership, and private gun ownership, are what made the UK the global empire of peace that it once was, and let the USA grow from a rowdy colony into the worlds only superpower.

The UK has now banned private gun ownership by Act of Parliament (OK, so you can get a licence after six months for a rifle, but no modern semi-autos above .22, nor any pistols or revolvers, and nothing for self-defence, ever! [except prison time]) and the crime rate with these banned guns has gone up massively. It is now trying to apply the same bad medicine of demonisation of an object to non-firing plastic toy guns!

So my message to the UN is, take a look at the member countries who want a ban on supply of weapons to \”terrorists\”. Strong, noble democracies like Syria, Cuba, Rwanda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone support these \”reforms\”. That alone should tell you why they are a bad idea!

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