2003-06-23 – Batteries on test

Previously, I have avoided the new “super batteries” using Lithium technology, since they were limited in current for high-drain applications, high cost, and liable to go dead just as quick as normal batteries {\”Who left this on? The batteries are $&%* dead!\”}

However, the perfect thing to try them in has got to be my trusty Psion 5. Not only does it have an auto-power-off so you cannot kill the batteries by leaving it on, but it also has a spreadsheet program, so I can’t misplace the scrap of paper with the results written on them! This really is an issue when the pair of AA batteries usually lasts about a month, and the “new” set of Energizer e2 non-rechargable Lithium batteries are probably going to last for a full 6 months. Another factor is that the Lithium batteries only cost £5-75 for a pair, which compares well to the Duracell M3, which cost about £4-75 for four. Hopefully, the Li pair will last (at least) 6 times longer than ordinary Duracell m3’s!

Date In Date Out Brand/Make Time Avg Current Drawn Total energy used
29/01/02 ? Sony Alkaline 9 hours 6 minutes 70 mA 637 mAh
25/04/02 10/06/02 Kodak 15 hours 18 minutes 66 mA 1023 mAh
03/05/03 04/06/03 Duracell M3 4 hours 17 minutes
(yes, four!)
92 mA 398 mAh
4/6/03 still going Energizer e2 Lithium 4h 42m and counting 69mA 327mAh

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