2000-10-01 – “The Brain” software

STOP PRESS: This will soon be
available for the palm pilot!

The Brain, from Natrificial inc. is a brilliant piece of software. You can download the demo free for 30 days. I keep it on my desktop always, and find it very useful for plugging ideas into. (If I had a credit card, I would buy it!) Imagine it with a system like Jasc‘s Quick View, “With support for over 200 file formats, Quick View Plus lets
you view all the attachments and files you want, instantly.” combined in.
There are several other software packages with similar systems, such as Inxight‘s
Site Lens, and their software has features that others lack, such as a full text

Now, it seems to me that an entire operating system based on this system
of non-linear relationships would be great for any palmtop or other small
machine. So, anyone fancy writing an OS based on it?  Other ideas will be
needed to improve the situation far enough to form an entire operating system,
but with a touch screen PDA, I think the market would be massive.

For Desktop machines, which now hold millions of bytes of data and many thousands of
files, users would be able to find the information they saved offline, or wrote
in a spreadsheet so much more easily. The trend has definitely started, with
Microsoft using the “My Documents” and “desktop” folders,
and shortcuts to hide the real location of the data. Read more here.

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