2003-04-08 – Yet more government stupidity.

Haven’t posted for a while, as I was on a lovely skiing holiday in Switzerland. Lucky me!

I was in Verbier, and the last day of skiing was the best day-long snow I have ever had, I think.

Well, the UK government has decided to persecute the younger shooter yet further, by increasing all the age limits to 17. A sadly predictable response which will only cause the number of problems to increase further. A lot of others have put it very well when they have pointed out that kids today don’t need to grow up, so they don’t, and there are a lot of 14, 17, and even 25 year olds that I wouldn’t trust with something even as ‘lethal’ as a BB gun. However, I know that I was responsible (by about the age of 12) and I know a lot of other children who handle air guns with the care and respect due to these tools of long-range paper punching.

Mind you, the government doesn’t trust any of us, so why should it trust those who cannot vote?

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