2003-03-01 – The problems with the current Nazi police-state speeding enforcement

Right then. Guess who probably got a speeding ticket today?

Guess who failed to hit a single car, pedestrian, bike, dog, cat or chicken crossing the road? Failed to run a red light, or scare a little old lady? I didn’t even manage to tap someones door in the tight supermarket car park. But I am (probably) now a criminal, wanted for the horrific crime of being a bit impatient at a set of lights that takes ages, on a steep hill, and then turning left up a steep hill. Yes, I got up to 40 mph in a 30 zone. I saw that the road was clear, dry, not even cars on the dual carriageway coming the other way (so 4 lanes all to me!) and not a thing to be seen. Of course, checking for kids in the land both sides of the road, etc. takes a few seconds, whilst keeping the car in control, and so, when I glance at the speedo, I see I am going too fast, and ease off the accelerator, and cover the brake. Looking up, I see a police camera van, so I push down on the brake pedal. I know I am clear behind me, I already checked! Yet for this, a second, perhaps, of over-acceleration, I may well get a letter, a fine and 3 more points on my driving license. Now, 6 points is half way to a ban! The first 3 points I ever got have only dropped off the tally two weeks ago!

Ok, so you might be thinking \”but you shouldn’t have been speeding\”. Well, would you rather I watched the speedo and drove badly, or kept to a safe speed for the conditions, and didn’t run anyone over? No-one can do both, not all the time. If you spend too long looking at your speedo, you run into the guy in front, since he stopped and you didn’t see it, even with your great stopping distance gap.

In the nine years I have been driving I have yet to hit anyone, whether in a car or not.

The essential problems are two-fold. Firstly, there are proper criminals out there. But they are hard to catch from the back of a cosy van, and the cops can’t siphon off thousands of pounds from them. So the gun crime rate spirals upwards in spite of all the hoops I have to jump through to own a sub-set of them legally, and the murder rate keeps going up, and, in fact, almost every major crime goes up, along with all the minor crimes. Hell, the cops won’t even turn out for cases of burglary in some areas! Why? Because they are too busy standing with ten tits behind some cones, pulling people who have let their road tax go. \”Yes, but they are driving without insurance, and that would be bad if they killed or injured someone\”. Well, yes, it would. Of course, the insurance doesn’t bring people back from the dead, though it does let us put a nice neat price on a human life. Besides, the only reason your insurance isn’t valid is because the police and the government have made it like that! If road tax didn’t exist, nor would the stupid condition on your insurance. The MOT is there to make sure the car is reasonably safe every year. The road tax is just that, another tax.

The second reason, dear reader, is that I haven’t hurt anyone. I had no intention of hurting anyone, and I didn’t. So I am obviously still a very bad man. About the only arguement anyone could make is that I am hurting the environment by speeding, because I use more fuel by going faster. Except that at 30 miles per hour or 40 miles per hour, in my car I am still at exactly the same engine revs, just in a different gear. In fact, until I get to 6th gear and about 50mph on the flat, my revs need never go up, so by that logic, everyone should drive everywhere at the best economy speed for the car they are driving, not a notional limit. If you tailgate someone, and run into them when they brake, or run a red light and hit someone, then you should have the book thrown at you.

Speed should be a factor in that. If you hit someone at 45mph, you are more likely to kill them. Hence you get a much higher penalty than if they survive, and if they are badly injured, you should get a worse penalty than for a scratch or two. But a \”never hit\”, which has no victim, should not even be an offence until you are driving so that you scare a passer-by!

I can hear the road safety campaigners and traffic donutmen saying, \”But if you hit someone..\”. No shit! If I ever hit someone, and it is my fault, I will feel terrible, and I will expect to be punished. If I killed someone who wasn’t playing chicken, I would be inconsolable, I think. But if we try desperately to stop kids from ever seeing a car, how the hell will they learn to cross the road? If everyone skids to a stop from the 20 miles an hour they were travelling every time a child ventures into the street, we are going to get a lot of dead 16 year-olds, when they walk out and the car doesn’t stop.

The police are demonizing the car driver. What they should be doing is demonising the car. Teach kids that cars kill, and, yes, even accept that a few will get run over before the majority learn. It is called evolution, and liberals and stateists hate it. The current adverts are good, but they cannot be enough on thier own, simply because it is only first-hand experience that teaches kids. After all, the advert before the movie is just as constructed and contrived as the movie!

As a footnote: What will happen once a sizeable number of people have 6 or 9 points on their licence, and many more are banned? Does anyone really think the number of people who just carry on driving won’t rocket? Does anyone think that the insurance companies won’t just start to regard it as normal, and anyone who discriminates against this massive number of drivers will be forced by simple economics to cater to them? As for the hard-core of speeders, who steal the car, have no insurance, and probably more than 12 points anyway, are they really going to care that the person they stole the car from will have to explain to a court why it wasn’t them doing 102mph through the pedestrian precinct? If you believe that is a good thing, then you probably support current campaign.

Explaination of the title – Cameras everywhere, tracking everyone, yet only those who fall fowl of the ruling elite’s straw man of the month get any aggro for it. No indication what-so-ever whether you have been done or not – no flash, no lines, no getting pulled over, not even a laser to detect your speed (How they work it out I don’t know) so absolutely nothing what-so-ever to remind you of the scene, unless you spot the van. I bet a lot of people don’t! There isn’t even a policeman visible, and as for warning signs, well, in order to cream off money from the fines, they have to put a sign up. They put it in the back of the van! If you or I bent the law like that, you can bet we would get a policeman or two giving us a bit of aggro. Yes, it would get sorted out, but only in court, some months down the line…

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