2003-02-05 – Time to build a shiny thing – update

The gauntlet was thrown.. I had been challenged by a collegue to make my “anti-gravity” machine.
Needless to say, it has nothing to do with anti-gravity, aside FROM the use of a gyroscope being similar to some designs FROM the minds of mad-men, but there we go!

The basic idea seems sound, but I need to make the basic test first, that will determine if the system has even a faint chance of working, and that will take probably an hours work. Time to get the toy set out.

Well, it took quite a bit longer than an hour, but I got it made, and, perhaps needless to say, it doesn’t work. There was no evidence of any lift or anything out of the ordinary. This has convinced me that gyroscopes may be able to do many cool things, but they cannot break the laws of physics. What they do is transfer the force you put INTO them to an torque that is 90 degrees out. This means that it seems like it will give lift! The best example of this (but be careful!) is to spin up your bench grinder, then pick it up one handed, and twist it back and forth by rotating your wrist. One side pushes down, the other pushes up. Now, all you need to do is be seduced. Think that all you need to do is swap one wheel to the other direction of rotation, then it will go upwards when you twist it, or down. So that is what I did. You can see the MPEG2 when it is uploaded, and a picture will be around here somewhere soon. Suffice to say, when you reverse the one wheel, you get two equal and opposing torques, which cancel out through the common frame which holds the wheels. Therefore you get no reaction. In fact, you may as well not even spin the wheels up, since you feel none of the strange torques and twists that you do with just one wheel spinning, or both spinning in the same direction.

Next time – Debunking the bizarre claims of the “group velocity is faster than light, so it will do something special” group.

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