2000-10-10 – nano-tech

Well, that was a short ten days! Seems incredible to think I typed the
below that long ago..

Well, I watched a bit of TV, a show called “Crusade”, which is a spin-off from Babylon 5, which is in turn a great series. This episode was dealing with the problem of space travellers releasing nano-tech viri into the earth’s atmosphere. If you read “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson, he also has a few points regarding nano-tech.
Along with the micro-fly, a new, “small” spy-plane that DERA have under development, (Only 6″ long, so it can fly in a window unobserved! Honestly…) and the latest generation of CMOS cameras which are light and tiny, a new counter-surveillance system might be required. How about a giant version of the electronic zappers used for killing flies in chipshops? Using the same system, those in hotter
climes could leave the window open, and the system would nuke any invading mosquitos and bugs, nanites and spy-plane robot birds would also have a much
harder time. Real birds, of course, would see the mesh, and turn away, but
low-resolution cameras would not, and so too would the eye not see the mesh, as
we would look through it in the same way as a pane of glass. The electrical
interference and high-frequency noise would also be quite handy for jamming
audio bugs, so you could set that on and off as an option (for when you aren’t
watching TV!)

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