2003-01-01 – Happy New Year! What to do?

Happy New Year to all my readers!
No idea how many there are yet, but there we go. I think my New Year Resolution has got to be to destroy every computer on earth… erm.. Sory, thinking out loud again. Have had the worst time of it with Windows deciding that the 80Gb drive I have is not properly formatted, even after it has formatted it! The Linux install alongside it works fine, but only with a boot loader floppy. LILO isn’t playing, and the manual doesn’t help much. Anyway, at least the SQL server is up and running, so updates are possible.
I should, of course, have backed everything up (which I did), but then I rather stupidly erased the disk partion table off one of the drives! Sadly, this means that many, many hours of work has been lost… I had only just conquered the north of Africa… Oh well, I shall have to restart Mediaeval Total War from scratch… 🙁 Good job everything else got backed up twice, though!
Enough drivel. This is starting to sound like a Blog!
New Years projects
I really must start writing up the universe/gravity theory, must switch from Win to Linux 100% (except games! Depends on WINE), have to write a couple of databases to make life easier, as well as more profitable, possibly move house, invent a revolutionary new idea that makes a fortune (ok, that’s the plan every year!)
Enough! See you soon.

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