2002-10-21 – Hidden dangers in food!

Well, this one will probably shock you.
It seems that a really common food additive might be making you fat, giving you headaches, or even killing you or your unborn child!
I was off work today, suffering with an upset stomach, which is nothing new. I have been getting them all to frequently recently, and am trying to work out what is causing it. At university I was renowned for having a cast-iron stomach when it came to food (excess alchol was something else, in some cases!) yet over the past month or so, it has been quite common for me to get a severe stomach ache. So, while looking for a cause is easy, getting an answer can be hard!
Looking at what I drink, and eat, I noticed that on both the crisps I was eating, and the pop I was drinking, there was a small warning.
“Contains a source of phenylalanine.”
Have you ever noticed it? I had, but though nothing of it, but, warnings being what they are, I thought I would look it up online. A search on Google found plenty, and one of the most interesting ones was at www.mercola.com, which is Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website. It offers free advice, reports, that sort of thing. Go read the article. A large number of things that you take for granted in your everyday diet may contain this potent neurotoxin, and the circumstances surrounding it getting US FDA approval are dodgy, to say the least! (Apparently the chairman who said yes then quit to work for the PR section of the patent holder of this “natural” product!)
The case of the mother with the brain-damaged son is terrible, as is the pilot who had a fit every time he drank diet soda, who will never fly again…
You are what you eat, so read the labels!
Update: Just saw this on ananova (23 October 2002) – Take-away diet could damage your eyesight. Backs up what WE already know! You heard it here first.. or something..

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