2002-10-20 – The Big Bang revisited

Those of you who have been following this website for some time may remember that I annouced that I had come up with a new theory for the creation of the universe as we know it, following the Big Bang. New Scientist listed this question as one of the big unanswered questions of the scietific world.
From Paul Davies’ Seven Wonders, New Scientist vol 175 issue 2361 – 21 September 2002, page 28

The seven big questions are:

    What makes the Universe tick?
    Was Einstein’s antigravity really a mistake?
    Why do we live in three dimensions?
    Is time travel possible?
    Are we living in a cosmic colander?
    How come I can ask these questions?
    What’s the Universe made of?

Perhaps needless to say, I will be answering the Antigravity question, and perhaps offering some insight into the other questions too! I am off to draw some graphics for my forth-coming paper, and, by the time this entry appears, in 5 days time, I should be well on the way to having finished it.

The only small problem is that, when I got my degree, they neglected to actually tell us how to go about writing a proper scientific report, and the idea of any of us ever publishing a paper was so extreme they didn’t ever even mention it to us. As a result, I have no idea who to send it to, so I guess it will have to go up on rtp!

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