2002-09-28 – Self-organising maps

I am currently trying to get my head around the maths involved in Self-Organising Maps (SOMs). It is an AI technique, which involves stripping the meaning out of something (which is a task in itself!) and then organising it with many other, similar things. The higher the correlation of points that match, the closer the two things appear. The less alike they are, the further away they go.
Obviously, this uses quite a lot of high-powered maths, for, while the concept is simple (It is just putting things in piles, after all!) the maths involved for a “perfect” (rather “least wrong”) solution in 2 dimensions is quite horrible. Then you need to repeat it for the 25,000 things you want to compare!
However, I am brave (or foolish) and I am setting out to write my own little program. It will be part of the Knowledge Vindemiator, I guess. It will be a high powered module for people with stupidly fast computers, I guess…

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