2002-09-15 – Why “signs” is trite shite

Well, hopefully this will prove to be the straw on the camels back. I had reservations about seeing this one, as the reviews were very mixed. My other half wanted to see it, and so I turned to the IMDB for guidance. Well, the people who come up at the end must have all voted a ten, cos it is in the top 250. I can only assume that these people were paid.
“Signs” is about as trite as any non-Speilburg film can be. Every single cliché you can think of is in there. The only thing that could have been worse would be if our “hero” Mel cried on the bad alien, and made it go away!
I can attack it on many grounds, but the shear crapness of going up to see if the house is still full of killer aliens with BARE HANDS when you had to move a pickaxe to get the door open, the weird way in which WATER kills the aliens.. HELLO! Earth is 4/5ths water! I can just see them invading Preston, and being wiped out by the thousand! At no point does Mel use anything more effective than his dying son as a sheild against harm. I hope he isn’t that feeble in real life!
Needless to say, this film wound me up. The aliens had invisible force sheilds, and could cross millions of miles of empty space, yet forgot to wear clothes, or bring guns, or even barrier cream.
The acting was quite good, with a few good “shock” type scares, but what a rubbish story.
4/10 tops..

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