2002-09-18 – Force fields and “magic” shields

Seems that the Defence Science and Research Laboratory (DSTL, the government owned half of what used to be DERA) have cracked the inpenatrable force shield – after a fashion. You can see the story here. (Note: Changed link to the official DSTL site on 23/11/02)
Ok, so it isn’t quite the type of thing you see in Star Trek, but it is pretty neat, especially if you are the poor sod inside the tank! (Note: Apparently in “Enterprise”, the new star-trek series, they use this technique!)
As it happens, I have been working on something similar, and this is on a parallel with that. However, I did something that is fairly typical of a lot of inventors, or would-be inventors, and I failed to look at other applications for what I was thinking about. This quite amuses me, since I was thinking about various forms of armour before trying to develop the actual forcefield. My designs all run in a similar direction, but, unfortunately, I didn’t quite make that step. My designs show a very close parallel, and yet, unlike the DSTL inventor, I never considered trying to stop just one type of weapon. I have to wonder if this system will ever go into production, because of that factor, since just a slight change in the weapon design will make the armour obsolete. It is, however, a beter solution than the ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) initially developed by the Russians (and copied by the UK and USA) which tries to do the same disruption of the shaped charge using explosive stuck to the outside of the tank. This cannot be used on lightly armoured vehicles since the force of the explosion sometimes even breaks tanks!
So anyway, my solution was very different, and I have had some success. I haven’t done anything with it as yet, however, aside from a proof of concept experiment. The success of DSTL heartens me further, and I may now procede with a prototype!

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