2002-09-11 – Even bigger guns

Worth noting that today (I backdated this 2 days) I went on a tour of a site down south, and, due to a special request (by me), we got to take a look at the two-stage gas gun!
Those of you who are shooters will know that a 7.62mm Nato cartridge throws about 155 grains (about 10 grams) of metal at aound 2800 feet per second. Well, a target I saw had been hit by a 7 gram (108 grains) tonking along at 2800 METRES per second! This beastie of a gun had punched interesting holes in lots of things, as it happens, and with a top speed of 4000 metres per second (running on Helium, as this was) or a staggering 7000 using Hydrogen. (seven kilometers a second!)
The chap looking after it told me that it was one of only three in the country, and one of the others doesn’t work any more.
I did some research into these guns last year, with a view to making one for target shooting, but they are over 20 feet long, and I don’t think they have rifled barrels.
An interesting visit, and I think I now have a way forward on this little project!

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