2002-09-12 – First fire!

Wow! Got the required bits form Calor on Tuesday morning, before work, and lo and behold, when I got home on Wednesday, the first thing I did was to get it all set up.
Out with some Fairy liquid to get the high pressure hose on, and the power driver on the Jubilee clips, and within an hour I was ready to go!
I got a flame fairly rapidly, as the Flue had been adjusted already, and set to the lowest power setting (0.3 bar) it was roaring away nicely. Next I lifted out the furnace itself, and gave it a bit of heat. Next trick was to test my home-made fire-brick, so I let that get blasted for five minutes, then turned off the burner. The digital IR thermometer was teling me it was about 500 degrees inside, so I carefully lowered in my crucible, to let it dry out for an hour, as I had left it out in the rain some time back.
Plenty of water came off, anyway, and while I was waiting, I finished of the security box for the targets at Rifle Club, and sorted out the brass which I took as payment! Can anyone guess what I am going to melt first?
Using a very large bean tin, I am going to melt down a load of .22 rimfire cases, and cast an ingot, or perhaps a crude casting. Either way, I suspect that I still need to figure out the flue as there is no flame holder, and the burner tends to self-extinguish if the mix gets too rich, or if the back-pressure is wrong. Some playing about will need to be done, and I also need to build a hinge and a crucible holder/pourer.
All very exciting, and noisy, hot, and fun!

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