2002-07-17 – Football (soccer) woes

So, it looks a lot like the UK Football players are getting worried. There is a lot of speculation that thelevel of salaries is going to have to come down in order for the clubs to avoid bankruptcy. This is no suprise to anyone who has read that players can be paid over three times the average UK annual salary for one 90 minute game! This, combined with the collapse of ITV Digital, which was going to pay out over 100 million pounds (way over!) for the broadcast rights to a load of overpaid chimps performing tricks and acting clever, has left many clubs realising that it makes little sense to pay £30 million for a player, when you need at least 11 for your team to be any good. Of course, even that doesn’t mean you will get any money back in, as without lots of supporters, you have no income, as you won’t get sponsorship without them, either.

So, not a great shame. Even the biggest supporters can’t justify someone getting more in a season than they will earn in a lifetime, for what is, after all, just a game of two halves.

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