2002-07-09 – Dieting fun

The breaking of the “Low fat is good” Myth seems to be happening in the United States. There, people who have been eating low-fat diets for many years have been getting fatter. Something stinks. The population of the US has never been eating a lower fat diet than today, yet they are getting fatter. Heart disease rates are static, and Type 2 diabetes (where too much Insulin does the body in) is rising rapidly.
For more than forty years, a handful of people have been trying to get the message through that it is carbohydrates that cause these problems, not fat, in your diet. The first dieticians belived this, yet it was swept under the rug of the American Medical Association, who for more than thirty years have refused all funding requests, publishing, or even just a review.
The cannon of law was complete, as far as they were concerned.
They were wrong.. They still are.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have died due to this bad advice, which was given in the best of intentions.
The Atkins centre has this article that details this arguement far more clearly than I can. It is intriguing stuff!

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