2002-06-12 – Home furnace for melting and casting metal.

I am currently building a furnace suitable for melting small quantities of metal, so I can cast things out of, for example, Brass.
Having looked at the various sites around, including the nutter with the 3100 degree C set-up for melting Chromium, I realise that there is the potential to do a lot more! However, I have lots of brass, and can get loads more cheap or free, so, since it looks so nice, I think that will be the best for starters. The long term goal, I guess, is to move out into the country, build an old-style blacksmiths shop, and craft beautiful Damascus steel blades, rifles and shotguns, and whatever else I feel like, with a full CNC machine shop on the other side of the wall!
I am also hopeing to be able to melt glass/sand, so that I can try my hand at glass blowing, etc. which is something I have always wanted to try. I understand this furnace/melting pot isn’t ideal for that, but I figure if I make a second, “cold” furnace which runs on electric, I can stop my creations from cracking due to thermal shock. Another thing I want to try, at some indeterminate point, is making ceramics.
So far I have cut the drum to shape, welded on legs, and filled the base with 1600 degrees C refractory cement. The burner hole is cut, ready, and the next step (tonight) is to put the shaper in, so there is a nice hole in the centre, linked to the burner hole. The basic design can be seen at Adrian’s page. Happily, he lives just down the road!

I shall be posting more as it happens!

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