2002-06-15 – More nano-tech

Much pondering, but I was sure I had already put this idea up. It appears I haven’t, but this is a change to the Lactic acid nanotech idea, for anyone who has seen it.

In the future, when nano-tech is rather easier to get, and the cost of making anything is trivial compared to the 15 seconds it took to think of it, people will start to use these devices to cheat in all sorts of things, from trying to boost intelligence, to running faster. To enhance your endurance, you could use a suite of nano-bots that mopped up the positive Hydrogen ions in your bloodstream, when you do a hard work-out. This is what people raefer to as “lactic acid build-up”, which it isn’t. Lactic acid is, in fact, the bodies second energy reserve, after the ATP that it uses first. The Latic acid is broken down to produce energy to drive the muscles, and the waste products from this are what cause crams. Designing a set of nano-bots that helped to mop up these waste products would be quite an achievement, but you could then run flat out for hours, and not get any problems the next day!

Out of interest, it seems the “lactic acid myth” came about due to poor techniques by researchers. After intense excercise, they took blood samples, and found lots of lactic acid, and assumed that this was what was causing the problems. Later research has proven that this was wrong, and it is the build-up of H+ ions that causes the pain and cramping. But the myth was born.

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