2002-05-17 – Hi-tech mop bucket to make your floor cleaner!

I have no idea if anyone makes one of these, but wouldn’t a bucket specifically designed to mop floors and make them clean be a great idea?
When you mop the floor, the water starts off clean, but the moment you mop any of the water back up, removing the dirt, you dirty the water that you then put down on the floor again. You can’t really use two buckets, since that is awkward, and you would run out of water in one whilst filling the other quite rapidly.
The solution, I feel, would be to have a mop bucket with the squeegy bit at one end (I have no idea what it is called) that dries out the mop, then, as now, you take the water from the open end. The difference is, in my design there is a very thin water permeable membrane between the two halves. Dirt would be kept back on this side, and the pressure of the water would prevent either end from being over-full or empty, as it would still find it’s own level, albeit more slowly (which might stop splashing).
Suddenly, you have a bucket of really dirty water to put dirt into, and a reasonably clean end to take “new” water out of.

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