2002-05-04 – Linux servers are fab!

The Linux server is up, has been for about a week now, and, what can I say? The build (Redhat 7.2) is rock solid, despite running a surreal number of different processes and servers on it, and the new boot manager, GRUB, is perfectly well behaved on today’s oversized harddisks. If you have yet to try out Open Source software as an alternative to Windows, I would suggest getting a copy of the disks, which are freely available, and trying it out. You won’t even need to get rid of Windows (yet) as it can be installed on the standard Windows partition, so you can try before you totally commit!
Once I have WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator!) running, I will be able to run any Windows stuff I need too, but the essentials are well covered already.
Try Linux, it works!

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