2002-02-04 – Knowledge Vindemiator

You may have heard of “Google bashing”. The rules are simple. Go to Google, and enter any two words. Hit go. If the result comes back as “Results 1 – 1 of 1.” you have won!
Here is my first one. “Vindemiate knowledge”.

“Definition 1: To vintage (gather) grapes or pick other fruit.”

Seems perfect to me!

The following works too, “knowledge vindemiator”, which comes up with a different page!

“A fruit gatherer is a vindemiator and the activity is vindemiation.”

We have decided we are going to call our website/knowledge manager/super-tool “Knowledge Vindemiator”. It is clever, means something, no-one else is using it, and it is spelled exactly how it is pronouced. Add to this the fact that you will only get this page and one other if you type it in to Google, it is a dream for product differentiation!

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