2002-02-22 – Under-estimation of Soviet-bloc Technology

When the Cold War was up and, er, static, the US and UK believed our weapons systems were far superior.

After the wall came down, we bought a lot of stuff off Germany,since they had a lot of the nice Soviet kit, and then we pulled it to bits. Now, lots of people know about EMP these days, and that it destroys electronics, but back then, the Soviets were still using vacuum tubes, rather than microchips. This was proof, we were told, of our superior tech in weapons of war. Alas, when it comes to big (nuclear size) EMP’s, microchips all die totally, but tubes aren’t affected at all!

I was reminded of this story the other day, when I was reading all about the rough build quality of the Soviet planes, and the fact that you could see rivets all over them! How un-stealthy! Surely our planes are far better, with the super-smooth curves and no rivets showing?!?

Well, what can I say? It only occurred to me when trying to stick something together, but surely, when you need to roughen things with sandpaper first, the same might apply to planes?

Quite simply, then, once you get a modified carbon-fibre chopper machine and an air-line, you could very rapidly stick a whole lot of Radar Absorbant Material onto your MIG-29, and those rivets would matter not one bit!

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