2000-01-12 – The King of Tonga

The King of Tonga

Some twenty plus years ago, a utopian group decided they were going to set up a haven, and tried that a couple of decades ago. They put a pile of rocks and a flag pole on top of a submerged mountain in the mid Pacific.
They intended to set up a tax dodge country with a few buildings on stilts. As I heard the story the King of Tonga took an old cannon out of the city square, mounted it on the royal yacht, and fired a shot to knock down the flag pole. He thereby laid claim to the new territory with economic rights to everything in the ocean for 200 miles around.

Couldn’t we go and take the island back? One howitzer and a Heavy Machine Gun would be fine, though I will bring my guns, plus a fair bit of knowledge in their use! What sort of military do the Tongan’s have? If they had to haul down a cannon, a few artillery pieces will stop them, and a few guided missiles. My research tells me they have two prop driven military aircraft, and seven ships over 1000 tons, most of which are civilian by the looks of things. Heck, they only have one paved runway! We could put together an entire package if we could know what the real threats are. After all, Israel did it.

If we were nice about it, I doubt the Tongans would care, and since they are very keen on tourism, they are unlikely to want a war. We simply agree with the King that, in return for letting us have the atoll back, we will have an open trade agreement with them, and let them fish freely anywhere within the exclusive economic zone. We would simply ask that they don’t fish within 3 miles of the atoll itself.

This would asure us of international recognition after a while, simply because we will have a country. Or, if you prefer, a homeland.

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