2001-12-08 – Another car idea

Well, with the launch of the Segway, this may now be un-needed, but… many modern cars, espcially those of a higher spec and price, have GPS systems and inertial sensors on board. They also have air filters and recirculation systems available.
As I drive to work of a morning, I have to remember to turn the air system to recirculate twice, once as I drive past an oil treatment plant, and once as I drive past a tip.
A simple improvement which I have never heard of before, would be to have the on-board map store areas where you are in danger of getting a nose full of something unpleasant! As you get to one, the fans turn off, and the air goes to recirculation. Once past, they revert to the previous settings. Needless to say, you could over-ride them simply by changing a setting on the dash, but the pungent aroma of sewage works as you drive around the countryside would be a thing of the past.

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