2001-11-05 – Raining Radios? A better idea!

News that the US military are dropping hundreds of small radios on Afghanistan is quite amusing. Given that most of the radio stations they can get are going to be local ones, and the idea of a radio that is fixed to one frequency means that the radio is useless, and will be dumped straight away. Once the batteries are dead, that’s it anyway. This is in addition to the usual paper cartoons and leaflets that will be dropped.
A better idea would probably be to combine the two. Those annoying novelty cards could be printed with a message of peace and love from the Koran, and dropped with a recorded message saying the greeting. Others could be dropped over troops, encouraging them to defect. The effect would be greater, and the cost would be lower. A speaking card would probably convince half of them that we had magic, too!
Don’t mess with the west, or you will be hexed!

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