2001-10-13 – Share dealing

Ok, so not a great revelation, but more of an excuse. I have discovered on-line share dealing. I am now obsessively checking my share values at every opportunity. So, now of course, I am deciding to use my programming ability to write a system to help me out. I have so far knocked up a spreadsheet on my Psion organiser, but I want something a bit more aggressive. I intend to subscribe to a live deal system, which will provide me with details of every deal that goes through on a share, in real time. From this, I am going to let the system learn, slowly, how to predict the market trends, and let me take more intelligent chances.
Of course, this is a pretty crowded area, and AI and expert systems that predict trends are a hot topic these days, but if the system works well, I can sell it for vast sums. Of course, if it works well, I won’t *need* to sell it!

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