2001-09-12 – The USA is closed…

After the most incredible act of terrorism, the USA is closed down. A terrible tragedy has occurred, and one which the USA already has the power to stop, or at least limit the chances of success greatly.
Currently, school shootings happen because those commiting the crime know full well that they will be the only people armed. It is obviously the same on board internal US flights. If everyone else is disarmed, then even a toy gun will take the monopoly of power. The same can be seen in those states yet to pass a concealed carry law, with it’s resulting drop in violent crime, open criminality and the reduced success rate of criminal acts.
The introduction of a federal concealed carry license, with strict criteria, which allows carry inside schools, churches, airports and, yes, even on board airplanes, would leave the criminals no easy targets. In the same way as the police are able to carry firearms in schools, so too should these people, being truely \”‘A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State\”.

Update: 17-30 GMT: It is now emerging that the hijackers were not armed with machine guns, not armed with pistols, nor even armed with machetes. The men who carried out these hijackings were armed with craft knives. A one inch long blade, but razor-sharp, was sufficient for three or four men to take an entire plane unhindered.
When everyone is disarmed, truely anything can become a weapon sufficent to tip the balance of power.
Perhaps it is time for a re-think? Let the good people fight back with the most effective tools available.

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