2001-09-04 – Useful body modification

Having recently taken up paintball again, I find several thiings would be quite useful. This got me thinking about army stuff, and the bits of kit our boys need to do a good job. It also reminded me of a note I saw regarding the \”super-human eye optics\”, from a soldier asking when he could get a set.

Bionic eyes are pretty complex, and are still far from as good as the real thing. However, there are probably lots of really useful mods that we could do…

Embedding a layer of sorbothane just under the scalp. Blows to the head would be absorbed by it, leaving the skull to do far less work. A built in crash helmet would help cyclists, paintballers, boxers, and anyone who ever banged their heads.

Slightly more complex would be a way to change the fluid in the eyeball, in order to get rid of the \”floaters\” that everyone has, left over from before birth. These bits of semi-transparent debris really do my head in.


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