2001-07-29 – Weird morals of the day

On BBC2 this evening was a programme called \”World at War\”. This was incredibly blunt, as a description of the brutality of the Nazi German extermination campaign. Everyone says that the way in which the campaign was put together was such that it became inevitable..
Brass Eye, a satirical programme on Channel 4 last Thursday, used pedophilia as a message and television as the medium to ram home, also in the bluntest manner possible, the screwed up nature of the media personality cults that we are subjected to on a daily basis.
The contrasts between these two brilliant programmes, and the tat that the general public is fed every day is incredible. The Brass Eye special has been on the front pages of the newspapers for the past few days, vilified by the Sun and the Daily Mail, who are, this week only, special, calling for Channel 4 to lose its license, as thousands of people call for the celebrities who featured to be banned from TV forever..
That these people are allowed free speech as a right, to protest, is missed on them, and the fact that the celebrities were duped into saying almost impossibly stupid things, which most idiots failed to notice, will probably only enrage them further.

\”This glove allows pedophiles to caress children who put their faces up to their screen.\”
\”The left eye of this (cartoon computer) dog is a web-cam, so when a child loads this program they can be seen.\”

Amazingly, the furore is over the topic used, rather than that two current Members of Parliament, people who make the laws of the land, can honestly believe that pedophiles have more in common, genetically, with crabs, than with \”you and I\”!
So, here is an idea. Protect your rights, and the rights of those who you disagree with, and disagree with you. Otherwise, you might be so put upon that you gratefully pay for your own ticket to be \”relocated\” to a work-camp, where you get to dig your own grave before a soldier blows your brains out, splashing them over the feet of others..

..then your descendants can see it on TV 50 years later as part of a tea-time documentary..

..but that would be OK, for some reason..

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