2000-12-16 – On flooding

Ok, here is one to upset the water board… If the afore-mentioned authorities fail to
stop vast amounts of flood water gaining entry to your house every time it
rains, don’t despair! Put up your sandbags, then simply flood your own home with
tap water, keeping the level just above that of the outside waters. This will stop the destructive deposition of silt and oil, mud and
sewage that so often is all that remains to remind you of the time your house
was in a foot of river.

Once the tide recedes your fresh, clean water will find it’s way past the
sandbags, and drain away. No silt got in because the sandbags and the fresh
water prevented the in-flow of dirty water. Now just let your newly
cleaned, if rather damp carpets dry out, and move the furniture back!

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