2001-08-03 – The big wireless advantage

So, time to enter the wireless networking age. We got a WAP phone the other week, which has so far failed to get on the internet, though we are looking into setting all our dynamically generated pages to be visible via WAP browsers. The total lack of 3G phones and the high price of wireless surfing round here is putting me off moving it up the list of things to do today.
I have been using the IR port a bit, but it is a waste of time, really. It seems only slightly faster than the old, but trusty, parallel cable, and is far less useful, since the ports need to be almost touching for IR to get any kind of speed or transfer. This is impractical if your desk is crowded, and god is it slow!
I am going to buy a wireless networking card. Preferably, one that can be plugged straight into my PCMCIA card port on my laptop, so that I no longer have two wires coming out the side of my laptop. Well, technically, at the moment, I only have one, since the network card, with two tiny metal catches, which are automatically at right angles to the ground, no longer works, since the damned wire got caught, and ripped the socket out. At least the power socket has a flexible socket and lead, so it doesn’t get stuck anywhere. It is also rather neatly right-angled so the strain relief is in the right direction. So, now I need to spend another £50 on a new card and a cable. Hence I won’t, since, in the space of 14 months, I have only caught the cable twice, both times when I have been less than 100%, and this was twice too often. The first time I fixed it using my pliers, but this time, the plastic has gone, the socket is bent, and that is very much that!
Also of note it that Psion have just dropped ALL portable devices from their range, and all the money they were putting into Bluetooth wireless systems seems to be gone, too…
The Idea! Oops, well, it is a sort of a call to stick in there if you are developing wireless systems, cos once you have got it right, it will be a huge market!
Anyway, I hope you like the new data driven part of the site (this bit!), and see you again soon!

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