2001-07-13 – Multiple redundancy

People often ask me, why do you have so many computers? Gadgets? Useless junk?
Of course, I don’t think any of it is useless! But multiple redundancy is am important thing to have. For example, when my laptop died, I was very upset, but I had a way to get the data off, via the trusty old parallel cable. It has a PCMCIA slot, and a 100Mbit network card, but not from DOS, and with physical disk errors Windows won’t run very well, nor install (Yes, I know you can turn scandisk off, but even so!) The USB port was likewise useless. Now, consider if I had the latest PC, with only USB ports and a firewire card! Without some way to take the drive out, and link it to another one, there is NO WAY the data could ever have been transferred, without paying large sums to a specialist.
Thank God for Psion.. All this was done on my Psion series 5, since the laptop is away. I have fixed the other two machines, so they work now, but being stuck in bed for greater than 70% of the day means that a desktop isn’t much use! So I can fall back further. To back up the Psion, I link it to the PC, either a desktop, or the laptop, and sync it like that. But they die, on occassion, so I use the Compact Flash card from my digital camera to perform a full copy of the whole C: drive of the Psion, every so often.
Back-ups on top of back-ups, so that I feel safe! After all, a man died the other day, trying to get the tape out of the video camera he had just been robbed of. They stabbed him, and he died. After all, the hardware can be insured, but the data cannot. Remember that!

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