2001-06-25 – Idiocy of scottish road lights

I expect I will get some email from this (and I will post the answer), but what is it with the Scottish road system? Edinburgh has sprouted hundreds of speed cameras, as have many of the A-roads. They just annoy me, since the main cause of childrens deaths on the roads is the little sods trying to get themselves killed. It isn’t just Scottish kids, by any means. Don’t they teach the green cross code anymore? Perhaps these children have never seen dearest Fluffy their pet cat, mashed on the Tarmac, to reinforce the mesage that, no matter what you see on TV, getting hit by a car often kills you. Anyway, back to the Scottish road thing. There are miles of green tarmac, and red tarmac, and probably blue tarmac, all over the roads, as a kind of \”follow the green bit if you are a bus\” way. Of course, since the Tarmac stays the same colour all the time, and yet the bus lanes are only, mostly, valid during rush-hours, half the drivers go nowhere near it, which means that from two lanes, you now have one. Obviously the number of cars stays the same, so the length of the jams instantly doubles! Crazy, to think we, the road users, are paying them for this \”priviledge\”!
But my main complain is this: The government must have spent millions (they always do) to have these lovely warning lights put in place on every mile of the motorways. Well, I say warning lights, but the point of this is to ponder, just what the heck are they for? Everyone seems to think they are some sort of warning light, but warning of what? And why? At least the ones in England tell you a number, so you can all wonder why it told you all to slow to 30, (which you didn’t) when the motorway was clear for miles, or the ever popular \”End\”, but in Scotland, they just flash. At night, during the day, wet, dry or snowing, that single amber light blinks on and off, until you get almost on top of it. It is only then that you see there are two of them, and the bottom one simply lights up the side of the emergency telephone every second or so. For mile after mile, some moron sub-contractor has installed hundreds of these flashing poles, which mean nothing, directly behind the only thing for miles that could obscure them, thus ensuring they are totally invisible half the time. Yet I bet they still replace the bulbs!!
It’s probably all in the spec.!

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