2000-01-08 – The Floating Island problem- Fish farming and Murder

Ok, so.. The problem with Utopian societies is that people aren’t Utopian. Where you have more than one person, you tend to get tension. Eventually, given enough people, you get crime, and murder. Now, crimes of passion are one thing, but delibrate murder is something that is, to my mind, less likely to happen if the odds of getting caught are higher. Now, being well-read, I found a reference to the deaths of Jack “the Hat” McVitie, and Frank “the Mad Axeman” Mitchell. Freddie Foreman did 14 years for disposing of the bodies at sea. Now, imagine living on a floating island, and factor in that the bodies were never recovered.

How then, to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem? To put a net, or some system in place solely for catching bodies would be expensive, not to mention quite horrible, and would do little except leave nice big bits for the autopsy!

The city/island will need food. Fish are very easy to find at sea, so we should have a large fishfarm directly under the city. This would be monitored all the time. All the time. Combined with the problems of dropping a body through the cells floating above (due to the monitoring system), and the calming effect of the cells on the surface of the sea, this would provide immediate detection of foul play, and anyone who accidentally fell through could be rescued very quickly. The advantages of the fish farming going on under the surface of the cells, combined with plankton and the like being doped to create rapid growth, means the output of the fish farm could be massive, allowing the cost of living to be kept low. The undersea lookouts would also be in a position to prevent any problems due to French-style limpet mining of other people’s and countries’ property, a la the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand.

Sorry this one was so morbid, but Management Training can do that to the best of us!

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