2000-01-07 – The Floating Island problem- Law and Order

The system may have to be thought up from scratch, but my suggested starting place is the work of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Based on individual freedoms, with high individual responsibility, and low government intervention and low taxes, Oceania will be a strong, stable, two-house democracy.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • A two-house democracy, with tight spending limits for electoral purposes.
  • The second house would be either voted for 90 degrees out of phase with the first house, or run as a “hereditary” system.
  • Each Member of the House would be related to the number of constituents, rather than the amount of area, which would ensure everyone’s vote carried the same weight.
  • For stability, the system would be modified first-past-the-post, with more than one vote for each person, resulting in rankings for candidates and a reduction in single party loyalty for no reason other than historical reasons. The “winner” would get the highest score, rather than the most votes, e.g. if three groups get an even split of the primary vote, the fourth group which got every persons second vote would get that seat.
  • The stability of the written constitution, declaring the right of the people to do various things:
  1. The right of free speech
  2. The right to bear arms for the defence of the state and the individual
  3. Can you read the USA constitution?
  4. The ability to lose all your rights if you willingly violate someone else’s without due process (This would scare Clinton and Blair!)

I would also recommend enshrining the powers of the Judicary, State and Military. The USA calls this “Separation of Powers”.

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